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Top 10 Best Browser Games

Games are entertaining even though they may also suck sometimes. American writer and statistician, Nate Silver stated that games can help you to speed up your learning curve artificially to develop the right kind of thought process.

Similarly, American author and game designer, Gary Gygax stated that games give one a chance to excel and that if you play in good company, you do not mind losing because of the fun you had while playing the game.

Sometimes, you have to relax your mind and take it off workplace stress, monotonous routine, or simply to kill time. So, do you love to play exciting and fun games that do not require much stress? A web browser game is your best bet.

Here, you get to enjoy your favorite games without having to install anything. This implies that you can play games on your web browser without installing the game application.

You don’t need a high-specification, powerful, or dedicated gaming computer before you play browser games. You can play most online browser games directly on any browser on your PC

Many people prefer this because it saves space on their PC. Some other people also prefer to play web browser games when their computer cannot handle the requirements of their favorite games.

For instance, a game may require my PC to be 64-bit but my PC is 32-bit, yet I want to play the game. I will simply type the game handle in my browser; I will then connect, play and enjoy the game.

Now, there are many browser games available out there, however, you must find the best one. We have made it easier with our list of top 10 popular online browser games we have hand-picked for you.

Check them out if you want a fun distraction or you want to make your break more entertaining. Find out more on the multiplayer games and the single-player browse games, from fresh new titles to classic reboots.


Doom is a classic browser game that does not require much introduction. It was released over 20 years ago. Doom requires a flash player to run perfectly on your browser.

Classic game lovers particularly love Doom because it is one of the best out there. You can play the game in your leisure time using a mouse and a keyboard in any browser on your PC.

Interestingly, almost all browsers can run Doom. The game is exciting as players get to mow down unending deadly demons after stepping into the Doom slayer’s boots.

The game also entails the players making their way through rooms filled with snarling foes. You will have to get new explosive weapons to balance the odds and then you can restore order to Mars.

To date, Doom is still highly rated especially because of its gratifying gameplay. This has enabled it to grow immensely from 1995 such that we still recommend it now.

Play Doom

The Helicopter Game

This game is epic! The helicopter game is similar to the internet sensation game titled Flappy Birdin terms of their concept.

It requires you to guide a chopper down and up using your left mouse button to navigate a rambling green cavern. Yes, it is that simple. You have to avoid the helicopter by escaping the blocked and ceiling using arrow keys.

However, you have to be careful not to crash, because once you crash, it is all over. You will be required to start from the beginning again and be shouting down, up, up, down, Up, Upp till you crash into a low-hanging wall.

The helicopter game is addictive as it will get you glued to your screen more and more as you get through different levels.

Play Helicopter Game


Some games never go out of trend, Tetris is one such game. It is a very popular game that has been in existence for quite long, we all had it on our phones before smartphones came to the limelight.

Although Tetris may seem to have fizzled out following the advent of the smartphone, it is still being played on many mobile phones today as the developers have also created a version that can work well on smartphones.

Tetris requires you to arrange blocks. In the past, Tetris’ graphics were usually in black and white but it has since evolved to the colorful variation we have now.

The goal of Tetris remains the same; players have to clear horizontal lines to earn points. One major standout of the game is the neon-colored blocks which add freshness to the classic game.

Tetris is a good game choice to play when you are free.

Play Tetris


Like the name implies, QWOP is a game that requires you to play with keys Q, W, P, and O on your computer keyboard. The game involves you controlling the movements of athletes running a hundred meters.

It might sound easy to play, but it is not especially if you are a newbie. You must understand the mechanics of the game and hit the keys in correspondence to the calves and thighs at the right time. Note that the athlete must not fall.


Spelunky HTML 5

Spelunky is largely regarded as one of the greatest games ever. The game is particularly engrossing when played in a browser. Here, you can discover the treasures hidden under the surface as you cross many pitfalls hoard precious loot, and fight with scary monsters.

The game has random levels that all give you a new experience which makes it ideal for those who love to beat their high scores and also for speedrunners.

Spelunky is that classic game you have to deep dive into. The longer a player survives, the more treasure he can get, and the deeper he goes.

Play Spelunky


This game is super friendly, engaging, and fantasy-inspired. It is a multiplayer game that boasts more than 90 million players across the world.

The game is particularly dedicated to improving children’s math skills and boosting their confidence. Players transverse the world of prodigy, battling bosses and completing epic quests.

Players must answer the question sets that adapt to their math level to win the game. Every battle with a wizard moves the player closer to unlocking endless mystery and magic.

Play Prodigy

This game has a cutesy appearance and is a blast from the past. is a relaxing game that is similar to the snake game on your Nokia phones from way back. promises a lot of fun that only requires you to collect and eat glowing colorful dots so that you can become the longest worm and escape the enemies.

Players can also customize their snake’s skin. Players will have to start over again if their long snake collides with another. This game is so much fun, you should try it when next you are free.



This is another great web browser game that doubles as one of the best flash games. It has a straightforward premise that allows players to create routes.

This game requires you to have skills that you will need to apply by drawing a track for the game rider to slide around. You can also make as many additions or edits as you want then see how the action unfolds.

Your mind is the main tool here, you have to broaden your imagination to be able to create marvelous routes while keeping things realistic.

Play Linerider

Pokemon Showdown

This game is loved by both grown-ups and children alike because it is an online battle simulator. It is similar to playing pokemon video games, the only difference is that you do not have to put in the work here.

In Pokemon Showdown, you just jump into the battle, there is no need to level up or rest. You can customize your team or build one from scratch. You can also play against randomly generated teams.

Instead of having a goal to catch them all, you can now beat them all!

Play Pokemon Showdown

Browser Quest

The last game on our list is a fun-filled browser game where you step into the shoes of a character who is in search of an unknown land and wants to loot its treasure. The game invites players to discover the digital world from their browsers.

This game has controls that are easy to use, you can use them to jump or move the character. Similarly, you can use your mouse to move the character.

When you win as a party or alone, do not forget to collect your loot. Browser Quest is a multiplayer game that you can play on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or iOS devices.

Play Browser Quest


Web browser games might not be the same as the ones you install on your phone or PC, but they are still your best bet in some cases. All that is required is for your system and browser to be equipped with a working flash player or other add-ons because some of the games are old but they are still super enjoyable.

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