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Best Fake AirPods (Airpods Alternative Look-Alikes) Under $50

Since its launch, Apple Airpods have become one of the most sought after wireless earbuds around the globe. It does help that they have quickly become a cult-certified fashion statement and also one of the best wireless earbuds around.

The AirPods with their starting price at $159 are not the most affordable wireless audio product. Even its premium version, the AirPod Pro will take away a cool $250 from you. This is why less expensive look-alikes are surfacing everywhere on the internet as people want to fit in at a much lesser price.

The Apple AirPods

There are a lot of different versions of these knockoffs sold on amazon alone, which gives you an insight into how many there could be on the internet. None of these can pass for the real thing in terms of sound quality, but their appearance can fool almost anyone that does not take a closer look.

What Are the Best Fake AirPods You Can Get For Under $50

These low-cost models can be a bit difficult to track, as most times they are sold through third-party retailers that have no association with Apple. This is why if you look for them on Amazon, you might not find them easily because Amazon constantly pulls them off the shelf to avoid copyright complaints.

At the moment this article was written, the best fake AirPods are the i11 Bluetooth Headset. These wireless earbuds go for a reasonable price of $30 and look so much like the real AirPods. Its case is a bit bigger than those of the real AirPods.

Its buds light blink red and blue when it connects via Bluetooth, but it could be difficult to tell them from the original once they are placed in your ears. The audio is sub-par, therefore anyone that gets this pair of earbuds does so based on its looks.

For those that prefer a better sound and are willing to compromise on the looks of the model, but still at the same price range, we recommend the HSPRO Bluetooth Headphones as you would definitely enjoy listening to your music through them. They can be distinguished from the real ones because their stems are flat rather than the curved ones of the iconic white stems.

Peeking out of your ears, they might be able to fool someone at a quick glance. Putting both design and audio quality into consideration, let’s tell you how all these low-cost models fared.

The i11 Bluetooth Headset

When it comes to design, it is the best fake AirPods

The i11 Bluetooth Headset

Pros: Almost Identical Design, Pairing Process is easy

Cons: Sub-par Audio Quality

Design Quality

On the outside, this low-cost AirPods model is convincing enough to pass for the real thing, Their case, though being a half-inch larger than the original, is very identical to it. But the feel of the case is that of cheap plastic and the cap opens and shuts when given a sharp shake, which the real ones most definitely do not do.

The i11 pods like their case feel and look quite similar to the real ones. Although, they are missing the microphone in the silver tip and the dark sensors too. Instead, their bottom exposes their charging mechanism.

In pairing mode, they will also flash red and blue lights very rapidly. In public, these could very well be the only giveaway that could expose them as knockoffs.

Audio Quality

These fake Airpods provided a very disappointing bass drop when they were used to play music. You will get a sound that’s clear enough but also flat and bleak. For music connoisseurs and avid music lovers, these low-cost models might be really disappointing.

An awesome feature about this pair of earbuds, though, is the large number of touch controls it has. Volume can be adjusted with quick taps and a long press on either earpiece will power off that single earbud alone. This is a feature that the original Apple AirPods do not come with.

Pass Mark Statement

Based on their design alone, these are really good knockoffs. Even though, they leave a lot to be desired in the audio department.


HSPRO Bluetooth Headphones

When it comes to audio quality, it is the best fake AirPods

HSPRO Bluetooth Headphones

Pros: Has a very good audio quality for its price, Its case look like the original, Its build and materials are quality

Cons: Its flat stem is a big giveaway that it is a knockoff

Design Quality

Its case gives one the impression of the real AirPods case that has been inflated with a large pump of air. The plastic used in manufacturing these earbuds and their case feel very close to the genuine thing. The magnetic cap of the case operates like the original case.

From the outside, these earbuds do not seem cheap. And they may be able to pass as genuine AirPods at a quick glance when they are in your ears. But a more definite glance at them lets a viewer know that they are not genuine, as the stem is obviously flat and not rounded like the original ones.

The button on the top part of the stem is also a dead giveaway that these are not genuine AirPods.

Audio Quality

These knockoffs will definitely impress with their audio quality. A song played on them sounds deep enough with all the right effects coming through clearly enough. Music connoisseurs and avid music lovers will definitely love these low-cost models because they come very close to sounding like the original.

 They do not have sensors and as such you will have to use the buttons on the top part of the stems to pause and play your music. All things being considered, these earpieces function very well for the price they are offered at.

Pass Mark Statement

The sound on these earbuds is richer. The bass comes through clearly with the volume being louder and more consistent. If you enjoy music and are willing to compromise a bit on the looks, then these are the best fake AirPods for you.

Usams Wireless Headphones

Best fake AirPods with a hint of active noise cancellation (ANC) feature

Usams Wireless Headphones

Pros: Very good noise cancellation, Music performance is also good

Cons: Case has a flat shape and matte finish

Design Quality

The case of these fake AirPods gives one the impression of the real AirPods case that has had an encounter with a hydraulic press. It is really flat that it makes you want to skip it across a pond. Its matte rather than a plastic glisten finish might make it difficult to pass it as the genuine one outside.

But once you get past that, its bud stems look pretty similar to the original AirPods. The original AirPods buds are actually more oblong in shape and larger than these ones.

They also come with rubber caps which were deemed a no for the real AirPods. These rubber caps help the buds to securely sit in your ears. You might like how they fit in your ears, although, this preference may differ from individual to individual.

Audio Quality

One advantage in the favor of these fake AirPods is that they are almost fully noise-canceling. Listening to music on these Airpods will not be marred by the pesky hums of an office. This is not to say that if you take it somewhere noisier they would fully cancel the noise.

In a noisy environment, some sound might filter through and therefore mar your listening pleasure. The sounds from the earbuds come across as very rich and the drums of any song will definitely thump in your ears.

Pass Mark Statement

These are way smaller than the original Apple AirPods making them look like knockoffs of Samsung’s earbuds. You will be safer passing them off like these.


Fantime Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Best fake AirPods that has a stemless design

Fantime Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Pros: In-ear stemless design

Cons:  They fall out of your ears very easily

Design Quality

The earbud design of these fake AirPods gives one the impression of the real AirPods case that has been cut in half. The earbuds are missing a stem. They could pass as Samsung Galaxy Buds and not as Apple AirPods.

The small case has its USB-C charging port on the back instead of it being on the bottom. Due to their small size, they might keep falling out of your ears with vigorous head movement. It is recommended that you get ear hooks, which are very good AirPod accessories, with them.

Audio Quality

The music from these earbuds does not sound as if it is being played into your ears. Instead, they give the feeling of you listening to something that is in the general vicinity but close to your ears. They also do not have any type of ANC feature as sounds from an office will still find their way through.

Music from these earbuds can also sound static and pitchy.

Pass Mark Statement

The earbuds are small as a set of die. The volume balance is off with the earbuds. The left ear is much quieter than the right ear.

Choosing the Best Fake AirPods

All the pairs of earbuds adopt the Apple AirPod iconic white plastic look but they do not match it in audio quality and noise-cancellation. When choosing the best fake AirPods for you, consider what you are willing to forego; either the audio quality or the replicated design.

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