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Best Fitness Trackers for 2021

Are you looking to improve on your fitness routine and closely monitor your health? If yes, then one tool you need is the fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers have been in existence for a while. Also, they have built a reputation for doing exactly what they were built to do. This is great. However, there is more. Different fitness trackers were constructed for various sports and come with features vital to the sports they were designed for. Some of the popular features that fitness trackers are known to come with are water resistance, integrated heart rate monitors.

While the presence  of many brands of fitness trackers’ means the average person has lots of alternatives, making the right choice from these many alternatives can be overwhelming. Due to this, lots of people buying a fitness tracker for the first time might end up buying the wrong product.

To help you make the right choice when looking to buy a fitness tracker in 2021, we have taken the time to put down a comprehensive list of the best fitness trackers for 2021.

These devices were tailored to meet the needs of different people specifically. So, the fact that a fitness tracker is good for one person does not necessarily mean another person will get the best out of it.

That said, below are the best fitness trackers in 2021.

Best Fitness Trackers for 2021

Polar Grit X

The Polar Grit X has an attractive and rugged design and was built to function as a multi-purpose GPS watch. This device comes with a host of features and a reliable battery life.

With this fitness tracker, you can track hill descent and accent and track sleep. Also, it comes with a button that is dedicated to lighting up the screen. Although this device has a lot of features, its only smartphone feature is the phone notification.

So, if you are looking for a fitness tracker with lots of smartphone features, this might not be the best for you. Additionally, if you are on a low budget, you might not be able to make use the Polar Grit X

Polar Vantage M

This fitness tracker is a great device for anyone that is an active cyclist. It was built to last a long time. Additionally, it is accurate.

Although the Polar Vantage M seems ideal for cycling, it can be used with other activities. Some of them are running and swimming. It comes with an in-built heart monitor and a GPS integration. That’s not all. Its battery life is very strong, and it can be trusted to last up to 30 hours when fully charged. With this, you do not have to worry about it going off in the middle of an activity.

Garmin Forerunner 245

The Garmin Forerunner 245 features advanced performance analytics. It also features smartphone connectivity and GPS navigation. These features make it an ideal fitness tracker for anyone that loves running.

When you make use of this fitness tracker, you will get feedback on your balance, vertical oscillation, balance, and stride length. This way, you will not struggle when looking to improve your form.

Apple Watch Series 6

This is arguably one of the best fitness trackers you will come across in 2021. It comes with long battery life, several fitness features, and a sleek design.

The Apple watch series 6 is one of the many fitness trackers in the market.  Nonetheless, if you have the right amount of cash and you are interested in using just the best fitness tracker in the market, this is one you should consider buying.

With the Apple watch series, you can have a record of your daily activity metrics. However, that is not all that you can do. It can also help you keep an eye on your sleep cycles, heart rhythm, and blood oxygen levels.

Since this fitness tracker is considered one of the best, you can expect it to have unique features. One of these features is a crisp display that ensures readability. Also, it is resistant to water for up to 50 meters.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

The Samsung gear fit2 pro is resistant to water at about 50 meters. Furthermore, it features GPS functionality, inbuilt music storage, and heart rate monitoring. With these features, it is an excellent device for people that take swimming seriously.

This fitness tracker gives you room to track a workout. It also has a swimming alternative that counts the number of strokes and your laps. That’s not all – The Samsung gear fit2 pro works well with Ios and Android smartphones. Due to this, you will not have to worry about using a specific phone if you are interested in using this fitness tracker. In addition to working with various types of smartphones, it is also compatible with nutrition and fitness apps like MyFitness Pal and Map My Run.

Yamay Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

The Yamay smartwatch fitness tracker is very budget-friendly. It is a device you might have to consider getting if you want to get a great fitness tracker but are low on cash. Beyond simply being budget-friendly, it can be used very easily and is of top-quality.

This device takes track of your sleep cycle, your heart rate, the distance traveled, and daily steps. Furthermore, it is resistant to water and is lightweight.

Additionally, you can link the Yamay smartwatch fitness tracker to your smartphone very easily. When you do this, you can control what music you want to listen to from your watch. You can also check alerts without having to make contact with your phone.

Beast Athlete Beast Sensor

The Beast athlete beast sensor can be used in a host of sporting activities. Nonetheless, it is most suitable for weight lifting. With this device, a weight lifter can tell the force, speed, and power of their movement while working out.  This way, it is easy to tell how much you gain from the entire workout process by simply looking at your phone.

With the Beast athlete beast sensor, you can get detailed data that is dependent on your athletic profile. This makes it possible for you to make adjustments to your training load. By doing this, you can achieve your goals quicker and avoid injuries.

Asus VivoWatch BP (HC-A04)

With the Asus VivoWatch, you can monitor your blood pressure without having to visit the doctor. It comes with photoplethysmography (PPG) and electricalgraphy (ECG) sensors.

While being able to monitor your blood pressure is great, that is not all that it does. It provides its owner with tips and advice that can come in handy in managing your blood pressure levels.

Although the Asus VivoWatch appears focused on monitoring your blood pressure, it does not stop here. It can estimate how many calories you burnt in the day. It also keeps an eye on your heart rate and takes track of your steps.

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Charge 4 fitness and activity tracker comes with more than 20 exercise modes, heart rate monitoring, and a built-in GPS. Its amazing features are considered one of the best fitness trackers by the average fitness enthusiast.

Beyond the already mentioned features, one of its special features is the Activity Zone Minutes. This feature gives you an alert as soon as you get to your target heart rate. It also gives you room for setting activity goals for the week. That’s not all. While you sleep at night, it keeps track of your different sleep stages. It puts these together to get a “sleep score”. This way, it is easy to know what your sleep quality is.

Oura Ring

Are you looking to get a fitness tracker for sleep tracking? If yes, you will need to give a lot of attention to the Oura Ring. This device might be famous for having the ability to keep track of your health stats. Nonetheless, that is just one of the things it does. It was built for sleep tracking.

While keeping track of your sleep pattern at night, its job description during the day is different. In the day, it keeps track of your burnt calories, daily steps, and activity levels. It measures your movements, sleep cycles, respiratory rate, body temperature, and resting heart rate at night.

When you use this device, you can use the Oura app to connect your Apple Health accounts. When you do this, you can view your health data and workouts at one spot.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

The Garmin Vivosmart 4 comes with preloaded activity timers, sleep monitoring, daily stress tracking, and an inbuilt pulse sensor. This device keeps track of outdoor activities by connecting to your smartphone. This way, it can send notifications.

This device was designed specifically for monitoring the heart. Nonetheless, this is not its only strong point. This fitness tracker can be gotten in various styles and colors. Also, it is very affordable.

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