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OnePlus confirms ultrawide selfie camera on Nord

OnePlus Nord is easily one of the most-awaited phones from the brand in recent years. It marks a return to the ‘value conscious’ segment by OnePlus. The Nord will be unveiled on July 21st and OnePlus are hosting a tech-filled event to launch the phone.

There have been numerous leaks regarding the device already while OnePlus have come up with some confirmations on their own. It is already known that the device will support Snapdragon 765 series processors, which sits just behind the flagship 865 series. Other features of the phone are likely to be an OLED display of at least 6.5 inches.

Now, OnePlus have confirmed that the Nord will come with a ultrawide selfie camera, which is expected to be a game changer. The resolution of the camera can have a big impact on the output, as OnePlus has been able to up its imagery game in recent years following the introduction of powerful cameras. It would not be surprising to see two selfie cameras – a 32 megapixel and eight megapixel – being employed by the device. The latter could be the key ultrawide selfie camera that has caught the attention.

It should be noted that ultrawide selfie cameras have been featuring in phones already with the Pixel 3 in 2018 being a prominent example.

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