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Best Paypal Alternatives

PayPal may be regarded as one of the best payment options, however, there are many more options to choose from. These options provide sellers protection for their digital products and services which PayPal does not. They also have lower fee charging rates and come with out the withdrawal delays of PayPal.

Here are some PayPal Alternatives you can use:

  • Amazon Pay
  •  TransferWise
  • Google Pay
  • Stripe
  • Payoneer
  • Shopify Payments
  • Authorize.Net
  • Square
  • Skrill
  • Braintree
  • Dwolla
  • Quickbooks Payments
  • 2CheckOut

Amazon Pay

 Amazon Pay is one of the most popular, all round trusted payment platform, of PayPal alternatives with an impressive brand appeal.

Amazon provides its users the opportunity to log into their accounts, use their saved payment details to carryout transactions and check out services using the same interface they already are familiar with and trust.

Amazon Pay is one service available on all devices, allows  businesses and  customers manage payments wherever they are around the world. They also a have strict anti-fraud protection much like PayPal’s.

You’ll find that you need a knowledge of programming to successfully integrate the payment platform with your online store.

Amazon Pay charges 2.9% plus 30cents for all domestic transactions made in the U.S., and 3.9% plus 30cents for all international transactions made.


TransferWise provides a platform for Individuals and service-based businesses who carry out lots of international purchases to transact. This PayPal alternative fancies itself as a cheaper way to transfer money internationally and may be the best option for you, if you frequently make international transactions.

TransferWise as a PayPal alternative claims to transact internationally (currency wise) using real time currency exchange rates, without inflation or hidden charges, and with transaction costs lower than PayPal.

TransferWise allows its users use its Debit card to service multiple account providers, performance transactions with over 40 currencies, make batch payments, administrate payroll, charge customers and clients, and much more.

TransferWise prides itself over PayPal and other PayPal alternatives in their ability to allow businesses to invoice customers in their own currency.

You may ask “how are they able function as advertised, and with such low transaction costs for international transfers?” We’ll its quite simple:

Now visualize  having to transfer £10,000 to a friend or relative in the US. This amount would be deposited into TransferWise’s UK account, then using real time currency exchange rates, they transfer the equivalent amount in Dollars to your friend or relative from TransferWise’s US account.

We find that money does not actually cross boundaries, thus making the whole process quick and stress free.

Google Pay

Google pay is yet another PayPal alternative which users can utilize to make very fast, free, easy and convinient payment transactions on websites, in-stores, in-apps and others via cards saved to your Google account. To enjoy this service from any were in the world, especially regions were Google Pay is in use; you are required to simply add your debit or credit card payment details to your account.

Google Pay allows businesses to simplify the payment process for their customers and also use Google Pay to provide customers with special offers, recommendations and gift cards. The best part is that payment transactions are mostly free as; you make free Debit card and bank transfers and pay 2.9% of payment amount for credit card payments.


Stripe is one PayPal alternative most suitable for Online Businesses which desire to use a flexible and inovative Application Programming Interface (API). This payment platform is easily interested with online stores.

Stripe believes that most payment problems aren’t from the financing sources but on Coding issues and so consider themselves a “software developer” business.

With Stripe you would be able to accept payments from any where in the world and have it automatically deposited into you bank account.

A downside to stripe is that its transaction charges are quite similar to that of PayPal, thus no up points there.

Stripe charges 2.9% of all transactions and $3 for every successful card transaction. And Additional 1% is charged for every international transactions made.


Payoneer is a PayPal alternative peculiar to small and medium scale businesses. Payoneer allows you to make quick and secure transactions to and from anywhere in the world, and as well make purchases. Payoneer is one platform focused on market sectors such as e-commerce, online adverts, freelancing, and rentals. They also provide Prepaid Master cards which enables you withdraw money from your bank and ATM’s world wide.

Payoneer is one platform very conversant with freelance sites, and this has made it really popular among freelancers. Payoneer users enjoy Payment transactions among members at no cost, otherwise are charged 3% on all credits card payments and 1% on debit card payments. An annually charge of $29.95 USD also applies for Payoneer Prepaid Master card users.

Payoneer allow you to transfer funds directly, but you’ll also find it integrated into some  sites you use. One of such sites is; Amazon, Fiverr, Airbnb, and Upwork. Most people use Payoneer to enjoy free international transactions.

Shopify Payments

Shopify payments  is a PayPal Alternative used by top  e-commerce companies. This Platform allows e-cormerce businesses accept debit and credit card without third party involvement.

Shopify Payments make it easy for sellers to trade and work with Facebook shops, Pinterest Buyable Pins, Facebook Messenger, Amazon, eBay, and more.

Shopify Payments charge $29/month for basic Shopify accounts, 2.9% plus 0.30cents for online credit cards, 2.7% for person credit cards, and an additional 2% for other payment providers.


Authorize.Net is the best PayPal alternative for Small businesses who desire good customer service support and security. Though it may not well know, it still presents a lot of merits over the others.

This PayPal alternative  platform is one repeatedly praised for its reliability and security. They provide business services such as; API’s, point of sales checkout, involving and reoccurring bills.

The Authorize.Net interface is not only inovative, but its services are also integratable with other payment platforms, like; PayPal, Apple Pay and Visa allowing you accept customers world wide.

Authorize.Net charges included a monthly gateway fee of $25 and a charge of  2.9% plus 30cents for every transaction made.


Square payment platform is the best PayPal alternative for in-person sales. This platform makes it possible for you to accept payments by card, cash, checks, and even gift cards, print receipts and send them to your customers; as well as make online payments.

Square payment platform comes equiped with tools capable of handling invoice, real time inventory management, payroll and reccuring payments. With Square, you can also swipe cards to make payments without an internet connection.

Square transaction charges include 2.75% charge in-store payments and a 2.9% plus 30cents charge for online payments.


Skrill payment platform is the best PayPal alternative for online gaming and cryptocurrency transactions. This alternative though much like PayPal, comes with a few definition features, plus services which  are quite easy to use.

With just your email address and password, you can quickly and securely make payments and purchases, send and receive money and link your bank accounts using  Skrill. Skrill also provides a prepaid credit card option that you can use any where in the world.

The creation of Skrill was done with cryptocurrency in mind, such as Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin. It can also be used to finance gambling and online gaming. It also has a strict fraud prevention tool capable of freezing users accounts.

Skrill’s main meritmer would be its transaction charges as it charges 1.45% plus 50 on every transaction made.


Braintree is a PayPal alternative best suite for Large businesses and corporations such as; Dropbox, Uber, Yelp and GitHub. This however, is a PayPal service but still yet can be considered as a worthy PayPal alternative.

Braintree’s focal merit is that it is able to carryout online transactions in over 130 currencies for over 45 countries. It also provides a host of advanced features not available to PayPal. such include; recurring billing, and customer support. Braintree integrates wanderfully with PayPal and other payment providers including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Though it can be customised, you’ll however need programming knowledge to integrate it with your website.

Braintree Transaction charges included a standard charge of 2.9% plus 30cents on all transactions made.


Dwolla is a PayPal alternative best suited for US based businesses that carry out a lot of bank transfers. Dwolla functions quite similarly to PayPal, however you can send and receive payments from individuals and companies.

Dwolla is a sophisticated and extremely developer-friendly  payment platform for fast-growing businesses and easy integrate with your application. Dwolla is a platform built to facilitate large volumes of automated payments,  in a single API request.

This platform is seen to be extremely reliable and secure. It is regarded as the best option for high traffic bank transfer businesses.

One demerit is that, Dwolla is only available in the U.S. and thus does not satisfy international needs.

Dwolla payment platform does not operate with cards, but assists with fund transfer by directly linking with your bank account. This platform has maintained its none use of cards so as to keep transfer charges at minimal.

Dwolla does not charge a cent to process funds under $10 and charges a fixed rate of $0.25 on every transaction above it.

Quickbooks Payments

Quickbooks Payments is yet another PayPal alternative suitable for freelancers and other small service-based businesses that require professional accounting tools.

Quickbooks Payments was created to serve small businesses and is focused on providing simple yet inovative financial tools and fast transactions.

This PayPal alternative enables businesses, set up recurring billing, print and sent invoices, accept mobile card payments and ACH bank transparent, and also program automated payment reminders.

Quickbooks Payments also allow its users to link their accounts so as to ensure fast and easy transactions and also link payments with payroll and time sheets.

The pay-as-you-go charge rate for card payments is 2.9% plus 25cents, while transfers are free.


2CheckOut is a PayPal alternative centred for international transactions. This platform strives to fulfill the desires of businesses to use a single payment platform that provides sevices to a considerable number of countries, with many different currencies and in their different language.

2CheckOut has over the years succeeded in providing services to; over 200 countries, transacts using more than 87 different currencies, in over 30 languages, and supports 8 payment types and 45 payment methods. This has been of great benefit as no matter where your customers are, their currency or language, you can easily accept payments.

2CheckOut has the same transfer charge rates as PayPal’s in the US, however international transfer charge rates are lower overall. Plus, over 300 fraud checks are done for every transaction made.

Conclusion: The Best PayPal Alternatives

When it comes to picking the best platform for your business, it is imperative to note that there is no perfect platform. Rather you can olny get the best by choosing the platform that meets your business specifications.

Every payment platform, including PayPal has its merits and demerits, however there are many more alternatives from which you could choose from. Many of which have a combination of favourable features better suited satisfy your different business needs.

Here are some PayPal alternatives as well as what each payment solution is best suited to:

  • Amazon Pay: businesses that fancy all-around services, and a trusted payment platform with a great brand appeal.
  • TransferWise: individuals and service-based businesses with high international transaction traffic.
  • Google Pay: Quick, free, and easy payments.
  • Stripe: Businesses that desire an innovative and flexible API (application programming interface).
  • Payoneer: Small and medium-sized businesses desiring an all-around payment platform.
  • Shopify Payments: E-commerce businesses on the Shopify platform.
  • Authorize.Net: Small businesses that desire a good customer service support and security.
  • Square: Businesses with online and in-person sales in mind.
  • Skrill: Cryptocurrencies or online gaming.
  • Braintree: Large businesses and corporations.
  • Dwolla: U.S. based businesses with high bank transfer traffic.
  • Quickbooks Payments: Freelancers and other small businesses who also desire to use a professional accounting tool.
  • 2CheckOut: Businesses that desire to use a single payment provider that works with multiple currencies, countries, and languages.

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