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Superstrata announce customisable e-bikes with carbon-fibre frames

Superstrata, who are a bicycle brand based in Silicon Valley, have come up with a customisable e-bicycle with a remarkably sturdy carbon-fibre frame. This e-bicycle can be customised to suit the height, weight, or seat position of a rider. The carbon-fibre construction helps keep the weight down to just three pounds.

Furthermore, the carbon-fibre core comes from a single piece, which is then sent into 3D printing for greater accuracy. This construction turns out to be much stronger than a regular carbon fibre frame. The lack of glues or any attachment makes it easy to attain the high levels of strength.

Superstrata will be launching the e-bicycle in December. There will be two versions – Terra and Ion. The former will be a traditional bicycle while the latter will come with an electric motor. The upgradable features would be the key selling point of Terra, while a fast charging battery will be featured in both versions. This battery will be key behind features like GPS and integrated data collection, but buyers can opt out.

The Terra will be priced at just under $2800 while the Ion will be priced at just under $4000.

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